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    Expressing Emotion

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    - Have you ever been a victim of the grapevine? How did you handle the situation and what were the repercussions?

    - Are able to express your emotions freely or do you feel that there is a certain type of behavior that is expected of you? Can you describe a situation when you last expressed emotion?

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    Yes, I have been a victim of the grapevine. It was at first unnerving and then a good learning experience. I tend to be outspoken, especially when people are mistreated. I worked for a man with a learning disability and we had to spend a lot of time going over his memos and his work to make sure he was writing it correctly. This was before computers and spell check existed. Through other, I heard that people were saying "we had a thing" going on. Since he was married, this was not good. At lunch one day, in ...

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