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    Mark Synder's "Self-Monitoring of Expressive Behavior"

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    Summarize Mark Synder's landmark work, "Self-Monitoring of Expressive Behavior."

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    The ability to manage and control expressive presentation is a prerequisite to effective social and interpersonal functioning.

    How might individual differences in the self-control of expressive behavior arise? What might be the developmental, historical, and current motivational origins of self-control ability and performance?

    The goals of self-monitoring may be to:
    1. communicate accurately one's true emotional state by means of an intensified expressive presentation
    2. communicate accurately an arbitrary emotional state which need not be congruent with the actual emotional experience
    3. conceal adoptively an inappropriate emotional state and appear unresponsive and unexpressive
    4. conceal adaptively an inappropriate emotional state and appear to be experiencing an appropriate one
    5. appear to be experiencing some emotion when one ...

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    Mark Synder's "Self-Monitoring of Expressive Behavior" is paraphrased and dissected.