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Summarization and paraphrasing for understanding

A Discussion topic was about the problem "or perceived problem" with food that Americans appear to have. Now, let's turn to solutions. Recent efforts to reverse the national trend toward being overweight include combating childhood obesity, upgrading public school lunches, and sparking interest in "corporate fitness." Browse some solutions listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website at

Click on and read the links for State-Based Programs or for Make a Difference at your School. In your posting, choose two important sentences from the CDC website; copy and paste the sentences. Enclose the copied-and-pasted sentences in quotation marks, along with the correct source information. Then, take a close look at one classmate's two sentences. Respond to his/ her posting by summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting the sentences, providing the correct citation. Defend your choice to summarize, paraphrase, or quote. Your classmate may end up agreeing or disagreeing.

The classmate's sentences are below:

The first sentence from the CDC website: "The program's primary focus is to improve the health of Americans by changing environments where people live, work, learn, and play." (State programs, 2012).

State programs funded by the CDC. (2012, April 27). Centers for disease control and prevention. Retrieved June 12, 2012, from

The second sentence: "Seventeen percent of Colorado adults report no leisure time physical activity in the past month." (Colorado, 2011).
Colorado. (2011, March 3). Centers for disease control and prevention. Retrieved June 12, 2012, from

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You can choose which two sentences you find powerful, and the examples you listed already demonstrate the citation format. Below, I have focused on ways you could respond to your peer's statements.

People's environments are a major focus of this program, as their health is directly related to their ...

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Peer sentences were given, with directions to quote, summarize, or paraphrase. Choices were made, with the explanations given for each choice.