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    Blogging and its ramifications in business

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    McCuan, J. (2008, November). A cold call, a blog, and a $20 million lawsuit: A North Carolina entrepreneur blogs a warning to her industry?and gets sued for her troubles. Inc., 28-30.

    Can you help me write a response to this case, providing a clear analysis of critical issues involved in this case noting problem(s) with their possible solutions, as well as including an analysis of how communication concepts are present in this particular case?

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    I have outlined my ideas per the article. Using this outline and the website references below, you should be able to use this to assist with your perspective.

    The first and most apparent issue is the use of a blog on a company website, as a way to share an opinion as a fact. Facts must be supported and, in this case, it was an opinion that Vision Media was a scam, rather than a supported fact. Also, since these people called her, it was not a good idea to call them out, allude to lies and scams, or phantom attorneys. All of these point to a leader who was willing to put the company at risk without enough information to make valid claims.

    The company, Vision Media, did not have well trained employees or a well ...

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