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    General E-commerce questions

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    What is a benefit of e-auctions to sellers?
    -Convenience since the bidding can occur anywhere and anytime
    -High stickiness to the web site
    -The optimal price is determined by the market

    Because online buyer's decisions depend on numerous independant and intervening variables, decsions made by customers are classified as?
    -independant variables
    -dependant variables
    -intervening variables
    -decision variables

    All of the following are types of communication and collaboration done in real time EXCEPT?
    -instant messaging

    Most universities use e-learning?
    -exclusively in reaching students who couldn't otherwise attend classes
    -only when forced by administrators to use it as a way to recruit distant students or reduce cost
    -as a total replacement for traditional classrooms
    -as a supplementary channel to traditional classrooms

    A_______is suitable for mobile users who need to make very short-range device to device wireless connections within a small space, such as a single room, and most commonly with Bluetooth?
    -wireless area network
    -local area network
    -personal area network
    -Wi-Fi area network

    _______work best with may buyers and sellers?
    -dynamic exchanges
    -forward auctions
    -reverse auctions

    A card that draws the payment directly from the users checking account is called a (an)?
    -e-payment card
    -credit card
    -charge card
    -debit card

    The _____pricing strategy means adding up all the costs involved, such as material, labor, rent, overhead and so forth and adding a percentage mark-up as profit.
    -cost plus
    -competitor model
    -revenue markup
    -price percentage

    All of the following are ways to use the internet to find information about an individual EXCEPT?
    -stealing an individuals computer
    -using cookies, spyware, or keystroke loggers
    -wiretapping communications lines
    -reading an individuals email, IM blogs or text messages

    Key strategies for successful online community include all of the following EXCEPT?
    -increasing traffic and participation in the community
    -controlling the sharing of information or sensitive opinions
    -focusing on the needs of the members, use facilitators and coordinators
    -obtaining financial sponsorship

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    -Convenience since the bidding can occur anywhere and anytime

    -Dependent variables-since decisions are dependent on numerous independent and intervening variables

    -Blogging-in blogging individuals post their ...

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