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Digital Immigrants in the Fray

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The conversation provided in this excerpt discusses how technology impacts the learning style of both students and teachers in face-to-face and online courses.

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Writer 1:

Professor Daniels, I agree Digital Immigrants have to stay up to speed in order to have connections with the Digital Natives. I am a Digital Immigrant who had my first computer without a hard drive, Apple 2C. I was very interested in technologies and when I wanted to purchase the Apple, as a woman I had to stop someone in the store to help me. You are right "Digital Immigrants" do things in different ways because we learned them in different ways. We learned DOS, not Microsoft Windows. Give us credit we are trying to keep up with the technology and are trying to find ways to bridge connects with our learners.

I am agreeing with you on everything you said, but what I also want to discuss is the large number of instructors who are ...

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According to thefreedictionary.com, "A digital native is a person who was born after the general implementation of digital technology, and as a result, has had a familiarity with digital technologies such as computers, the Internet, mobile phones,and digital audio players over their entire lives. A digital immigrant is an individual who was born before the existence of digital technology and adopted it to some extent later." How would you classify yourself?

The author of this piece of writing provides commentary from a conversation that she had with another professor discussing why both digital natives and immigrants are having a difficult time adjusting to the global expansion and innovation of technology. In this discussion, they ascertain three important questions. Could the issue be that advancements are moving at a much faster pace than we can keep up with? Is it that some of us just don't have a desire to advance, or is it that some people just can't advance because they lack the flexibility to adjust?