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    Technology Etiquette Speech

    I need help with a speech for "technology etiquette" for my speech class. I think I want to do one about cell phone use while eating out or eating with other people. I'd like it to be somewhat funny, but to include some serious talking points as well. I need at least 3-4 good points to help get the ball rolling.

    Communication process

    Looking for 750-1000 words with an introduction and conclusion. A: Describe the fundamentals of your communication process. Briefly discuss and provide examples of the components, principles, and contexts of how you use messages to generate meaning. B: Describe a personal situation in which a message was perceived differe

    Effective and ethical communications

    1. Effective Communications In 200 words, I need to identify how I can use communication processes to ensure effective communications. What technologies are currently used to enhance the effectiveness of communications today? What causes miscommunications? 2. Ethical Communications In about 200 words, I need to find o

    Group Communication and Leadership Styles in Speech

    What aspects of group communication will you keep in mind and what steps will you take to interact effectively in the group? What is a leadership style? What are the different styles of leadership and which one would you adopt if you were asked to lead a group? 100 words.

    A Speech about the Hazards of Smoking.

    Using the principles of a good persuasive speech, one sentence for each of the principles. For example: You need to quit smoking. Your health should be important to you. Research links smoking to the development of Emphysema. Consider it for your spouse and children, or other loved ones. I've dealt with the loss of a l

    Planning Strategy for a Speech

    What is a planning strategy for a speech based on the five foundational criteria for an informative speech: - need for credibility - need for intellectual stimulation - need for creativity - need for relevance - need for emphasis

    Historical perspecitve in an analytical interpretation

    Below is my assigned task of a essay that I need to write. I am having a very hard time getting the topic on paper and interpretating the poems from a Historical Perspective. I understand the paper cannot be written for me, therefore, I need as much assistance/aid as possible with writing my essay. Key points in my essay are the

    Professional communications in the workplace

    Recently, you were advised by your manager that your employee used the company computer to post some messages to her friends on a social networking site. This is clearly against the company's policy, which states that "no employee will use the company computer for personal activities." You schedule a meeting to speak with the em

    Methods of everyday research

    Many times we think of research and writing as something we do only in academic settings. Take some time now to think of places where you have engaged in research and write something about your findings in terms of your job or even your everyday life. For instance, one evening, your child awakens at 2:00 a.m. with a serious r

    Examining personal ethics

    Assignment: Write an essay (2 pages, double spaced) that details a person in your life who has a strong ethos. In order to do well on this assignment, you will want to write well and provide detailed examples of what makes this person ethical and respected. What makes this person so well-regarded? What do they do, say, or

    Analysis of a communications case study

    How to analyze a communications case study re "Every Word Counts: Business Communications Can Come Back to Haunt You" - Rank issues and relevant information in order of importance - List potential solutions and analyze - List key communication skills and provide a critical analysis of each one - Write a brief critical ana

    How to Write a Descriptive Paragraph

    I need some assistance getting started on the following: You are required to write a descriptive paragraph. The topic is: A public place. You must demonstrate mastery of the following in your paragraph; be sure that the depth (length) of your paragraph is sufficient to demonstrate these concepts. a. Topic Sentence - Be s

    Interpersonal Communication: Resolving Conflict

    Review the eight simple rules to resolving conflict and improving work relationships. Eight Simple Rules: http://www.expressyourselftosuccess.com/eight-simple-rules-to-resolving-conflict-and-improving-work-relationships/ Ideas to construct a brief summary as to how this can help you in your professional life are given

    Problems with Child Support

    Child Support - What are the problems you see with Child Support? For example; should the non-custodial have to pay child support when the custodial parent works a full time job? - Is the calculation for child support fair? - What should be taken into consideration?

    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Literacy

    What five messages could I give to a friend to help persuade people to join a literacy class to learn to read? I need to use Maslows needs Hierachy to construct the messages.

    How to Develop an Essay

    English 103 Essay Instructions For this essay, you will apply some of the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills you have been learning in this class to an evaluation of an argument that you will choose from recent published articles about current topics. How to Proceed: Follow the instructions/steps below 1. C

    Professional Communication

    In today's technological world, people spend quite a bit of time sending information via social networking sites, instant messaging and e-mail as alternatives to traditional face-to-face and voice-to-voice communications; however, communication is a two-way activity. What is the role of the sender and receiver or encoder/deco

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

    I need some help regarding the The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. - Briefly explain the accident in a couple of paragraphs in own words - When and where did the accident happen? - What was/were the cause(s) of accident? - How many people were killed/injured? Explain the extent of property damage. - Was/were any observa

    Zeigists Deemed Plagiarism

    I have to write an essay about plagiarism and can clearly define the term, but would like to provide a counterargument in my paper. Are you able to give me a little guidance?

    Relationship Tips and Rituals

    Many couples have used these questions to determine if a lifetime of love was in their destiny. For some, their partner's answers made it clear they were not meant to spend a lifetime together. Other couples who have been together for many years have found that these questions have brought them much closer together. "My husba

    Conflicts among friends and family

    What recent conflicts have you faced with your family or friends, and how were those conflicts dealt with? Were the conflicts resolved? Did you use or see any of the theories suggested by DeVito?

    Communication at work and with the family

    How would you describe your work relationships? Do you socialize outside of the work center? Does the professional line ever get hazy when it comes to friendship and work? What communication experiences have you had recently with your family?

    Online Relationships' Pros and Cons

    Here is a quote stating the main advantages of online relationships in "that they reduce the importance of physical characteristics and instead emphasize such factors as rapport, similarity, and self-disclosure, and in the process promote relationships that are based on emotional intimacy rather than physical attraction" (Coope