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Conflicts among friends and family

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What recent conflicts have you faced with your family or friends, and how were those conflicts dealt with? Were the conflicts resolved? Did you use or see any of the theories suggested by DeVito?

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I have faced a conflict with some friends concerning the fact that they should be more earnest in keeping up with and paying back the money that they owe to ...

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Describe an effective communication method for the following groups.

Post a response to the following discussion question:

Different methods of communication are effective and appropriate for different situations and audiences. For each of the following groups, list a good communication method (i.e. e-mail, face-to-face, written, etc.). Describe what makes each method effective and how your tone would impact communication to each of these audiences:

* Boss
* Coworkers
* Instructor
* Friends
* Family

Does the method of communication change if you are involved in conflict with any of these groups mentioned above? What's the most appropriate way to resolve conflict with each of these groups?

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