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Family Members and Drug Addiction

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What are several of the issues/ramifications that family members experince with a drug addict family member and what are some resources available to these family members?

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This solution describes D several issues that affect family members of drug addicts. the pathology and dysfuncitions in family system are discussed. Resorces that aid family members of drug addicts are provided.

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(1) What are several of the issues/ramifications that family members experience with a drug addict family member.

Researchers have suggested that some members of drug addicts are pathological themselves. The pathological suffering of family members of the addicted person is understood as a reaction to the progression of alcohol and drug problems. For instance, as family members attempt to cope with, and adjust to a family member who has an addiction, they may experience a fair amount of stress themselves. Handelsman, Branchey, Buydens-Branchev, & Gribomont (1993) studied the morbidity risks for alcoholism in the relatives of males (n=168) and relatives of females (n=171) of whom were cocaine addicts with alcohol comorbidity. They found that 40 of the patients had a history of alcoholism, 37 had a history of drug use, and 22 of the patient met the criteria for a lifetime diagnosis of a major psychiatric disorder. In addition, significant increases in morbidity risks for alcoholism were found among male relatives ...

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