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A case study of developmental conflicts and challenges

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Amber is a 35-year-old woman who immigrated to this country several years ago from Nigeria. She recently graduated from a prestigious law school and legally changed her name to Amber. She was hired by an affluent law practice. Although Amber is involved with her local Nigerian community, she has recently discarded her cultural wardrobe for an expensive American wardrobe, dyed her hair blonde, and purchased a BMW. Amber enters into counseling because she feels rejected by her Nigerian friends. She says, "They do not understand me; I feel so alone. While I have made friends with my law associates, I often feel excluded. I wish people would accept me for who I am."

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The first question to ask Amber, to identify conflicts and challenges, is why the change? What did she hope to gain, see, or find necessary for the name change, hair dye, and clothes exchange? Ask about some of the positive things in her life; the law school, job and associate/friends she made. Another assessment is for her to list what are the things that make her feel excluded and not accepted. I see her conflicts and challenges are basically trying to fit in and play the part. I ...

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This is a short story of a fictional client and possible treatment option based on cultural sensitivity.