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    Dysfunctional and Functional Conflicts

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    From your own experience, describe a situation in which you were involved for which the conflict was dysfunctional. Describe another example, from your experience, for which the conflict was functional. Now analyze how other parties in both conflicts might have interpreted the situation in terms of whether the conflicts were functional or dysfunctional.

    Please write a 200 word response.

    Draw on your work experiences, or alternately, use experiences from your personal or family life, or from clubs or other non-work-related organizations.
    Describe the functional and dysfunctional conflict, and also the roles, responsibilities, and reactions of the people involved.
    Take some time to describe what each conflict was about and why you think it happened. Provide as many details as possible.
    Identify whether each conflict was a task, relationship, or process conflict.
    Relay how the conflict was solved, if at all.

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    Here is 309 words (sorry I went a little over). Hope this helps give you an example.

    In my first marriage, many of our disagreements were dysfunctional. One time we had a conflict over forgetting the ketchup at Burger King. It started as a small disagreement and turned in to a huge conflict that lasted for 3 days. Overall the relationship was a dysfunctional conflict in itself. My husband held the lead role of the partnership. I was the follower and also ...

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    Personal examples of cases of functional and dysfunctional conflict resolution.