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Examining personal ethics

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Assignment: Write an essay (2 pages, double spaced) that details a person in your life who has a strong ethos.

In order to do well on this assignment, you will want to write well and provide detailed examples of what makes this person ethical and respected. What makes this person so well-regarded? What do they do, say, or have that causes people to listen to their advice or consider their perspectives on particular situations? In short, why do you think this person is ethical and what makes them so?

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Ethical issues confront people's lives constantly as they are bombarded daily with dilemmas that test their ability to be honest, trustworthy, and sincere. At the same time, dealing with ethical issues is usually a perplexing subject in itself. This is because ethics requires people to live by a certain code of goodness, and most act impulsively upon a system of instant gratification that all but guarantees self-righteous decisions based on what is right for him or her and not the better of society. It is important, therefore, for people to follow a code of values in their lives and follow this code to uphold their loyalty, trustworthiness, and caring nature to friends, coworkers, and even strangers that they never met.

In order to live an ethical life, people need to become loyal which involves a commitment or an obligation to ...

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Examining personal ethics

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