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    Technology Etiquette Speech

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    I need help with a speech for "technology etiquette" for my speech class. I think I want to do one about cell phone use while eating out or eating with other people. I'd like it to be somewhat funny, but to include some serious talking points as well. I need at least 3-4 good points to help get the ball rolling.

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    What a fun topic! Great idea. I hope these notes help give you some ideas to start. Please add your own ideas and opinions to make it your own! Best of luck on your assignment!

    Table Texting & Phone Use While Eating - Introduction

    We've all been there. You are eating with an acquaintance, colleague, friend, or loved one who checks his/her cell phone every 60 seconds. You feel neglected and unimportant. On the other hand, in this Digital Age, are we not all allowed to stay connected 24/7? Should we choose to do so?

    Here are a few general etiquette rules when at the table:

    - The table is for food, not phones.

    Face to face contact always trumps phone to phone contact. Setting your cell phone on the table is an indication that the person you are dining with was not the only person invited. Not only that, but any time the table vibrates, it interrupts conversation. Cells should be kept in your purse or in a cell phone holder from the ...

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    This solution is about technology etiquette, specifically cell phone use while dining. The information shared is great for a speech or help with content for a paper on manners or technology.