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Chinese Social Culture and Etiquette

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o Cross-cultural Business Relationships
 Speeches
 Conversations
 Gifts
Relationship building
 Creating acquaintance/trust
 Vehicles for cross-cultural exchange
 Symbols and metaphors
 Translators
 Liaisons, ambassadors
I'm working on Chinese culture. please cite if you use any reference.

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I did some research to find some elements about each of the areas below. I gave you some ideas and you can expand on in your paper. I've included my references so you can gain more insight if you need it while you complete your paper.

 Speeches - At a formal banquet, a short, friendly speech is expected and is often done in response to the host's own speech (China-Window, 2013). Similarly to being in a business meeting, it is important to smile and be very clear in the message to be delivered. Humor can be used but used sparingly while always maintaining respect of the host and ensuring that the "face" of the host is always maintained.

 Conversations - All conversations need to be conducted with the utmost respect and the concept of "Mianzi". This word means "face" and in business conversations, it is important to always keep in mind that "face is a mark of personal pride and forms the basis of an individual's reputation and social status" (Communicaid, 2013, p. 1). Causing someone to "lose face" or converse with them in a disrespectful manner will severely damage working relationships however, ensuring that conversations include elements of "giving face", or giving praise in moderation in front of colleagues, can earn respect, loyalty and trust in negotiations (Communicaid, 2013).

 Gifts - Even within business interactions, it is customary for the ...

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A discussion regarding several elements of Chinese culture and social etiquette including aspects such as speeches, conversations, gifts and creating trust; among many others. 800 words, 3 references.

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