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    Comparative analysis of two business negotiation styles

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    Perform a comparative analysis between the style of business negotiation in Saudi Arabia and China.

    The country is Saudi Arabia ,but the other country is China. I am a manager and I want to know the suitable approach and tactics to be used with Chinese.

    -How does China differ from Saudi Arabia in cultural values and behaviors that affect the process?
    -What are the main aspects of China's culture as perceived today?
    -What assumtions may I have about China and why? what information is used to base these assumtions on?
    -What cultural values can be brought to the transaction and how would I adapt ?
    -How to approach the negotiation?
    -Would my approach vary from that in my country?
    -What factors of business relationship should I consider differently?

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    Cultural differences between Saudi Arabia and China
    China is fast becoming a super power with their negotiations with the Western world. Chinese have made positive negations with rest of the world and have also made contacts with Saudi Arabians and have now become their major business. Saudi Arabia and China have different business cultures, which is a result of different history and practices. Unlike Saudi Arabian business culture, Chinese don't follow an organized chain of command. Chinese are more secretive about their financial matters and keep the information to themselves. If Saudi Arabians want to do business in China, they need to maintain a distance in financial matters. Thus in order for the trade to flourish between China and Saudi Arabia, it is important for Saudi Arabians to build long-term relationships with Chinese.
    Another major cultural difference between Saudi Arabia and China is the language. Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, but English is widely spoken. It is used in business and is a compulsory second language in schools. On the other hand, China may be experiencing high growth, but human resources still communicate in their local language. China has still not been able to provide language skilled human resources who can communicate in English.
    Main aspects of China's culture
    Chinese culture is extensive, vast, and so substantive in content, so comprehensive in variety, and has so long a history that it is not possible for an outsider to completely understand it. There are numerous aspects of the culture, some of which are:
    • Simplicity and Contentment: Chinese do not believe in possession of technological devices and consider that these devices will generate tension and anxiety rather than happiness. Associated with the principle of simplicity is the experience of contentment toward material living.
    • Conservatism: For Chinese culture, being conservative is considered a positive virtue.
    • Process view of the ...

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