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    Business Etiquette in China

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    Please provide as much information as possible on China's Business Etiquette.

    Why is it important to understand China's etiquette in international business?

    If the Chinese do things a certain way, what would be the implication for the U.S.?

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    Business Etiquette in China

    Please provide as much information as possible on China's Business Etiquette.

    China's business etiquette is based upon its basic cultural values which includes respect for age and position. There is also an emphasis on orientation toward group goals and individualism is not given much importance. There is great value placed on relationships and little tolerance for overly emotional behavior.

    Here are some business etiquette tips in dealing with the Chinese:

    Although bowing or nodding is the common greeting, you might be offered a handshake which can also be a customary start to a business meeting. It is best to give a short and light, not firm handshake with a greeting to address the Chinese colleagues with a title that signifies their status and their name.

    When starting to do business with Chinese people, talk a bit about yourself such as family, hobbies, before starting the business topic. Treat the Chinese partners as friends as relationships are important to them.

    It is expected that Chinese people have working lunches and dinners and during working meetings, the seating follows strict protocols, like letting your host seat you, and a few pleasantries before business discussion is started.

    Bringing small gifts such as food, pens or items with company logo or books with your country symbol will also help smoothen out relationship with Chinese counterparts.

    Business cards are exchanged at the beginning of a business meeting so make sure you have an adequate supply of cards. The Chinese also appreciates it if the card has Chinese characters in it.

    Be aware of the speech culture in ...

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