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Essay proposal on culture and motivation.

Paper Proposal example, with a general topic, narrowed topic, working thesis and plan of action (what have you looked at, what do you plan to look at, what kind of resources do you plan to use).

Topic selection

- List three significant events that have happened in your life (these should be things that have changed you in one way or another). - Write a sentence or two about why you feel each event is important to you. - Write a sentence or two describing why you feel each event could be important to your readers. - After writing

Using the internet for research papers essay

1. Create a short 350 - 500 word piece where you discuss writing a paper that has validity. Make sure you cover: fact and fiction, supporting evidence, bias, and logic. 2. Create an outline from the following information. Topic: Internet research for Research Papers Thesis Statement: The Internet has unlocked and ope

Ethics influence on nursing care

I need a help with some ideas about nursing ethics. I need to summarize the main points of the topic and discusses how this is of importance to new healthcare grads. The topic is Ethics in Nursing. 1) Define terminology commonly used in discussions about ethical issues. 2) Analyze personal values that influence approaches t

Learning/Teaching Styles & Techniques

Using the following questions as a guide, discuss the different styles of learning. These questions and topics are meant only to serve as a guide. 1.What motivates people to learn? Is motivation different at different times/circumstances of one's life? Does motivation change as you get older? How do life transitions

Claim of Cause

Construct a claim of cause essay that establishes a probable cause or effect for a given condition. You may choose your own topic or select a topic from "Suggestions for Writing" #2 or #4 on page 142 of Everyday Arguments. The essay must be 500-700 words and include a reference page APA format that cites at least two sources o

Credo Code of Ethics

Writing the organization's code of ethics. There is likely going to be a promotion attached to this honor. Make the organization proud. See page 368 for as an example of how a code of ethics, or in this case, a credeo. Please let me know if you may need additional information to get me started in the right direction.

Business: Consumer Markets

1. How do you define a consumer market? What is the one most important reason for wanting to define a consumer market (i.e. Why) 2. What criteria should you use to determine the axes on a Product Position Map? Give an example of those axes for a bicycle retail store 3. How would you know who your competitors are? Who determine

Comparing Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels are used to show facts about the nutritional content of a food. The labels (please see attachment) show nutritional facts about a glass of orange juice and a can of cola. Study the nutrition labels. Indicate how many grams of sugar each drink contains. Which drink do you think is healthier? Explain why. Be su

Annotated Bibliography for a Research Report

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY + RESEARCH REPORT At least 4 sources are to be included in this Annotated Bibliography and Research Report. It is recommended that one is a credible website, and three are professional journals or books. An Annotated Bibliography features APA-correct citation for each relevant source as well as a brie

Dialectical types are briefly explored.

Leslie Baxter and William Rawlins have written about the tensions that beset individuals as they try to balance the demands of a relationship and their own personal needs. Individuals must face three sets of tensions as they decide how much of themselves to invest in relationships. They are called the expressive-protective, the

Inicident Report News Release

Scenario: Something has gone terribly wrong with one of the products or services your organization (Chiga-Dito's) provides. 1. Write up an incident report about what happened. You've identified and corrected the problem. Now it's time to win back your patrons. 2. Write a news release explaining how the situation has

Effective Business Websites

Search the web and share a link to a small business website that you find effective; then do the same for a website that does not work. Use bullet lists to show why one is effective and the other is not.

Analyzing Websites

Take any 2 (off your choice) websites from possible competitors to your company or organizations with a similar mission to yours. Answer the following questions pertaining to these websites. Do not simply answer yes or no to the questions; explain your answers. Remember to include a link to each website in your References page

Management Commmunication: Your Opinion

"Defining the challenge is often the hardest task facing a manager. Only effective analysis can help you reach this point...However, unlike production, marketing, managerial economics, or accounting, communication doesn't have a number at the bottom. Consequently, its results are hard to measure. Moreover, as technology provides

Cognitive Schemata: Stereotypes

1). Can person prototypes help use to identify and characterize other people we meet? 2). How can these person prototypes lead one to stereotype those that we meet? Is there any truth in any of these stereotypes? 3). Is this kind of activity relatively harmless, or is it harmful at some level? 4). What kind of stereo

Developing a Nutritious Diet, information about genetics and nutrition, impact of supplements, description of research design terms, and determining credibility of information regarding nutrition.

I have attached a simple solutions, please use different opinions and viewpoints. 1. What is the role of genetics and individuality in regards to nutrition? 2. Can you live on supplements alone? 3. What are the five characteristics of a nutritious diet? Name and Describe? 4. Name and describe the 9 research design terms?

Mock town hall meeting: Substance Abuse

I would like assistance in understanding the following as it pertains to my topic of choice: Substance abuse in the region of Columbus, Ohio Guidelines for the Moderator Part One: Examine the problem and barriers to recognizing the existence, magnitude, urgency and relevance of the problem. 1. Clearly identify your regi

Using Aristotle's Classification Scheme

Using Barack Obama as an example, what is memorable about him and makes him an effective speaker? Aristotle's classification scheme includes ethos, pathos, and logos. Which combination does Barack Obama have? Why? To be effective as a communicator today, what qualifications are needed?

The Birthmark, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Could you please help me with some ideas to start an essay on Nathaniel Hawthorn's The Birthmark regarding this topic: What does this story illustrate about what men and women find attractive or unattractive in each other? Give at least two examples from the story. Thank you.

The Birthmark

1. What does the birthmark represent for Georgiana? For Aylmer? For Aminadab? 2. How is the theme of married love illustrated in this story? What form does love take for each main character? How is it expressed? 3. What traditional marital roles go Georgiana and Aylmer enact? To what extent are these roles still in evidence t

Associate Degree Clinical Laboratory Technicians- how getting in AA in this field would benefit a person and how they could use education gained in this field for their future.

Associate degree clinical laboratory technicians/medical laboratory technicians perform all the routine tests in an up-to-date medical laboratory and can demonstrate discrimination between closely similar items and correction of errors by the use of preset strategies. The technician has knowledge of specific techniques and instr

An Easy Way to Write a More Organized Paper

A professor shared an idea with me that I thought would be beneficial for students who have a difficult time organizing information when writing research papers and other large articles.