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    Effective Business Websites

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    Search the web and share a link to a small business website that you find effective; then do the same for a website that does not work. Use bullet lists to show why one is effective and the other is not.

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    I looked around for you, and I found two landscape businesses that we can use to compare. Let us begin with the one that does not work.

    The one site that I found that was NOT effective to me was MJ Hardscape/Landscape of Pasadena, Maryland. The APA citation for this is as follows:

    AMJ Hardscape/Landscape. Found February 11, 2013:http://www.amjlandscaping.com/

    The first thing that stood out for me about this web site is the use of dark and drab colors. The predominant color is a dark maroon, when in my opinion; it should have been a shade of green or something more representing of a garden. As well, their main photograph that is used to spark the interests of potential clients of a landscape (that they completed) was shot at dusk when it is far too dark to really see the workmanship that went into it. It was ...

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    The effective business websites are examined. The expert uses bullet lists to show why one if effective and the other is not.