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    Importance of Benchmarking

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    Explain why benchmarking is an important activity in the analysis of e-Business Web sites. Discuss specific commercially available tools for measuring the effectiveness of content as well as the ease of use in accessing the content. properly reference at least four (4) academic sources.

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    Benchmarking is an important activity in the analysis of E-Business web sites. The primary reason being that today E-Business is highly competitive, with customers having lot of options and hence the E-Business web sites have to keep up with standards or else risk losing customers. Benchmarking offers a reliable method for a company to evaluate its performance against the E-Business performance of its similar competing organizations.

    According to the 8-second-rule, after an idle time of about eight seconds most visitors leave a website and therefore potential customers turn away, that implies financial losses for the business. Hence it is quite imperative for E-Business sites to provide reasonable response times and monitor their site's performance by running appropriate benchmark suites imitating the behavior of prospective customers (Univie.ac.at, n.d.). These benchmarking suites provide an important means for various sites to measure and optimize their services.

    The performance benchmarks that are to be set up by the businesses may ...

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    This solution explains in brief why benchmarking is considered to be an important activity in analysis of e-business sites. It also explains briefly the available tools that enable measurement of effectiveness of content and ease of use in accessing the content.