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    I need to write a 3-4-page paper that identifies and describes at least 8 common elements (i.e. features/functions such as the "product catalog/search" and "shopping cart") of B2C websites. To complete this assignment analyze Amazon, Dell and one other less well known B2C website of my choice. Point out any features of these websites you think may be unique, innovative and/or convey competitive advantage to each of these online "etailers.

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    //Before analyzing the Amazon, Dell and other websites, we will first of all discuss about the B2C websites and its common 8 elements. These websites are mainly conceived as the mediator portal that assists the business in linking with the number of consumers. So, firstly, we will write about the Business to Consumer websites (B2C) under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Business-to-Consumer websites are the mediator portal between the consumers and the suppliers. It helps the business in connecting with their customers and in keeping their loyalty. It is considered as a more advanced version of the business-to-business portal and performs like a virtual market place that helps in smooth online purchasing and selling. In this type of website, a great amount of security aspects are involved. Some of the major portals of B2C website are ebay( an auction site), ZDNet (a technology market place) and Yell (an Internet version of yellow pages) that exists on the Internet. The eight common features of business-to-consumer website are

    ? Sophisticated session control

    ? User log-in

    ? Full integration with PayPal

    ? Shopping Basket system

    ? Anywhere, anytime information

    ? Content on the website

    ? More convenient and faster shopping

    ? Privacy and Security of customer information

    // After having discussed about the Business to Consumer websites. Now, moving to the next part of the instruction, we will discuss or analyze Dell Inc., which is good example of B2C. In this part, we will also discuss about the portal outline that mainly covers sales and number of visitors per day and also web pages. In this, we will talk about the benefits to business and customers. If you want, you can add more to the information, which you find suitable. I am just giving you an overview, so that you can understand this. ...

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