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    Comparing Nutrition Labels

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    Nutrition labels are used to show facts about the nutritional content of a food. The labels (please see attachment) show nutritional facts about a glass of orange juice and a can of cola.

    Study the nutrition labels. Indicate how many grams of sugar each drink contains. Which drink do you think is healthier? Explain why. Be sure to address serving size, vitamin content, and calorie amounts.

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    Let us begin by laying out the nutritional differences between the two drinks.

    The orange juice serving size is 8 fluid ounces while the cola drink serving size is 12 fluid ounces. Therefore, if we are going to compare one with the other we will need to adjust the information on each label so that we're comparing numbers based on the same serving size.

    When it comes to calories, the orange juice has 110 calories/8 fluid ounces while the cola has 150 calories/12 fluid ounces. This means that the juice has 13.75 calories/ounce while the cola has 12.5 calories/ounce. This is interesting, is it not? On first glance, the cola looks like it has more calories but in reality there is more calories per ounce in the juice. Although the juice has more calories per ounce, the difference is not all that much, i.e. 1.25 calories/ounce more than the cola.

    Both drinks have no fat ...

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    The expert compares nutrition labels. How many grams of sugar each drink contains is determined.