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    The New Food Labels and the Proposed Changes

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    How do you anticipate the new food label will affect consumer food choices?
    How will consumers interpret the label? What, if any, steps will be needed to improve comprehension?
    If you were given the decision-making power, what of these proposals would you support, and why or why not?

    This is not for anything graded. They were just food for thought questions (no pun intended) and I'm just wondering what experts think on this matter.

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    1. I think that the new proposed rules for food labels will have one of three effects. People who have never looked at food labels before will now be looking at them because the new proposed design makes them harder to miss. It may help people avoid certain foods that have more bad fats or have more than 100% of the recommended daily servings. So this first effect is great and will motivate consumers to make much better food choices. The second effect may be not noticeable at all as some people who have never looked at food labels before may still not look at food labels so the effect on them will be non-existent. However, for people who did pay attention to labels before, this change will allow these ...

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    This solution of 527 words provides an opinion on the new food labels and the FDA proposal on the changes involved. It also touches on strategies to improve comprehension of changes and personal proposals with respect to food label changes.