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Data for Perter & PEST

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Throughout this course, you should complete the SLP before you undertake the Case analysis. Before you begin the SLP, read the Background materials thoroughly.

Several of the Background readings refer to gathering data to support the external analysis. Be sure to review those readings carefully so you know what kind of data is used when conducting an external analysis. The purpose of this SLP is to develop the component of our strategic toolkit that relates to Five Forces and PEST analysis. This SLP is challenging; however, understanding how to perform basic business research is a procedure that is part and parcel to the skill set of any MBA.
Session Long Project

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper are:

Step One: Research Web and library sources that would give you the kinds of data you would need to conduct a Porter Five Forces analysis. Use the Kraft Foods Group (and thus, the foods industry) as the basis for this SLP. Note: We are not looking for sites that describe the Five Forces, but sites that will provide you with data that you will be able to use to conduct your own external environmental analysis (e.g., to analyze the degree of competition in an industry, or the ease of substitution). You have undoubtedly run into such websites and publications before in your core courses. Typically, they are government sources providing statistical data, industry or trade magazines or journals, general business publications, finance websites, websites for trade associations, etc.
Step Two: This is a two-stepprocess:
Determine what kinds of information you would need to evaluate each of Porter's forces (see the background materials), and then find a source that will give you that information. Find a minimum of one or two sources for each of Porter's forces.
Research Web and library sources that would give you data to support a PEST analysis. Find at least one or two sources for each PEST variable.
Step Three: For each source you have given above, provide a title and a URL (if applicable), and write a sentence or two explaining what information is provided by the source and how the source would be useful in conducting an external analysis, and critiquing the source (e.g., what are the strengths and limitations of the source)?
Note: There are no length requirements for the SLP, however, you must address the above requirements precisely (two sources for each Porter and PEST factor), and you must critique the validity of each source with adequate depth.

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Rivalry in the Industry:
1. "Food and beverage manufacturing"
This website gives important statistics about the food and beverage industry in the United States. This helps assess the industry rivalry. The data provided by this site is reliable as it is a US Government site. The drawback is that the data is of 2011
2. "2013 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook Survey" http://www.kpmg.com/CO/es/IssuesAndInsights/ArticlesPublications/Documents/2013FoodandBeverageIndustryOutlookSurvey.pdf
This page gives data about the food and beverage industry based on a survey. This gives an insight into competition in the food and beverage industry. Since, the survey has been conducted by KPMG, the data is reliable.

Supplier Power:
1. "Ag and Food Sectors and the Economy"
The agricultural sector is the main supplier to the food and beverage industry. This website gives important data relating to the agricultural sector. This data is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture and is reliable.
2. "Historic Agricultural Data Now Online"
This website allows the study of agricultural trends. This website gives an indication of the changes in supplier power that take place. This website belongs to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, United State Department of Agriculture. It is reliable.
Buyer Power:
1. "Price Spreads from Farm to Consumer"
This website compares prices paid for food by consumers with prices received by farmers. This indicates buyer power. This website is from the Economic Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture. it is a reliable government source.
2. "Food Price ...

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Sources required for Porter's Analysis and Pest analysis are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used. Over 1000 words.

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