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    Hypothesis testing: T-statistic and Z-statistic.

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    2.The A.C. Nelson Company Collects Data on the TV viewing habits of Americans and publishes the information in the Nielson report on television. 20 married couples are randomly selected. Their weekly viewing times, in hours are as follows

    At the 5% significance level does it appear that married men watch less TV on average than married women given appropriate conclusion?

    4.Agronomist study, among other things conditions under which larger yields of crop might be obtained. Eighty 1-acre plots of corn are randomly divided into two groups of 40 one acre plots. Insecticide is used on each one acre plot in the first group and sterilized male insects of inside pest on each 1 acre plot in the second group. The yields in bushels are shown in the following table.
    Sterilized male insects:
    a.Does that data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the use of sterilized male insect is more effective than the insecticide in controlling the insect pest

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