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Director of International Marketing for a Company

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You are hired as director of international marketing for a company based in the USA that produces canned, ready to eat food for children (ages 2-5 years). One of the ingredients used has been shown, through the company's lab test, beneficial to children's bone development. However, studies conducted by external researchers have not been so conclusive. Therefore, based on the government (i.e., the FDA) requirement, the labels for these foods have to state "May Help Bone Development" instead of "Help Bone Development". However, several developing countries where the company is working hard to sell its products have rather lax regulations about labeling. In those markets, it is up to the company to create the content of the labels. Based on internal studies by company researchers, you strongly feel that the ingredient indeed benefit bone development and is good for children. Should you consider conspicuously printing "Help Bone Development" on the labels used in those countries?

1. Describe the dilemma in detail without including conclusions or opinions
2. Identify all stakeholders
3. Identify options (at least two different ones)
4. Specify a decision and explain your solution based on an ethical perspective

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The directors of international marketing for a company is examined.

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There is an ingredient in the children's food that is under investigation. This substance is being examined for the possibility that it is linked to bone development. The results are currently inconclusive, and most probably the company will have to conduct more research before a firm claim is made.

Children in the United States are able to receive ample nutrition though other food sources such as milk, meats, proteins... so the consumption of this food product is most probably not critical to their overall health and development. Consuming the product could be seen as an extra boost towards their bone development.

However, in developing countries, healthy food is harder to find. Many children are unfortunately malnourished, and many suffer the effects of not having enough healthy food in their growing system.

Thus, making this canned food available to children in third world countries could benefit their bone development. It might be more beneficial for the children to consume the food since there is a possibility that the substance does actually promote the bone development. By placing this on the label, it could ...

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