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    In 500 or more words, create an organization chart that includes the sales and marketing departments. What is the relationship between sales and marketing? What are the specific functions of the sales and marketing departments?

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    The organization chart is as follows:
    The President of the Company is the head of the company. The president's responsibilities include the overall business operations. Reporting to the president of the company is the human resources director, the director of operations, the controller, the marketing director and the sales director.

    The human resources director ensures the company is in compliance with government law in relation to employee issues. The director of operations ensures the stores are stocked and the operating in the proper manner. The controller is in charge of the company's financials. The director of marketing heads up the brands marketing promotions and the sales director oversees the sales of the company's products.

    Without sales there would be no marketing and without marketing there would be no sales.

    The marketing ...

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