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Article Review: How to Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster

Read: "How to: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster" (from Mashable Business): Read and identify the claims within it. Express whether you agree or disagree with the author. You should include your opinion here, stating whether you agree or disagree with the author's cla

Writing an Introduction to an Essay

How do I write an introduction to an essay? Many times students feel they cannot write a paper due to not knowing where to begin. This solution provides steps on how to start a successful introduction for all types of writing so students may get past this tricky part of writing and move forward with their essays.

Deductive Argument: an example, plus review of Third World Farmer game

Question 1: Think of a deductive argument (either valid or fallacious) that you encountered over the last 1-2 weeks or the past month. Share it and analyze it in two paragraphs. Question 2: Go to the following website: When you are done playing, complete the following questions: a. Game En

Evaluating Media and Identifying Fallacies

Hi, I need assistance with the following assignment. I am not too sure where to begin. Assignment: Visit the Top 10 Crazy Political Commentators from following website: <://> and select one of the videos to view or listen to. Unless you are hearing-impa

Critical Thinking about Fallacies

Fallacies are everywhere. They can be so common that they hide from even the savviest reader. Ideally, now that you've familiarized yourself with the common fallacy types, you will be able to think of applications in your own life. For this log, reflect upon a recent encounter you had - this could be with a person, a text, or a

Scholarly vs non Scholarly Sources

1) Edmund F. Byrne - author of the May, 2002 article entitled "Business ethics: A helpful hybrid in search of integrity." Published in in the Journal of Business Ethics, Volume #37, Issue #2. Article is found on pages 121-133. 2) Published in September 24, 2011 issue of The Economist. Article entitled "Business: The view from

Communication and Conflict

Conflict has different causes. Content conflict centers on objects, events, people in the world that are external to the parties involved. For example what movie to go to, who should have won elections, or whether Angelina Jolie will ever marry Brad Pitt. Relational conflict is concerned with the relationships between ind

Four Test of Argument's Worthiness.

Choose an argument and apply the following tests: 1. Test of Truthfulness: The reason is true in each of its premises, explicit and implicit. 2. Test of Logical Strength: If the reason were true, then the conclusion (claim) would be true or very probably true. 3. Test of Relevance: The truth of the claim depends on the truth

Discussion of The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

1.When Pollan went from the question, "What should I eat?" to "What am I eating?" what did he discover about food commonly sold in the supermarket? 2. How do Mexicans differ from Americans in the way they view corn? 3. Where does American corn come from and why is it such a good crop? Section 2 Ch 8-10 1. What does Pol

Tone of voice in argumentative writing

1) You are a student in Professor Jones's class and you find an error in her syllabus. Write her a note describing the error. Use a voice that conveys a tone of condescension and arrogance. 2) Write a response to the first scenario in your normal writing voice. What is the difference? What similarities do you see?

Writing and Literature: Picturing Texts.

Explains how a pattern within the ad works together to create an intended - and perhaps unintended - message for the audience. Please see attached file. Task: You will analyze a one-page advertisement that is currently circulating in a magazine. You will need to keep the original ad in the magazine, so don't tear it out.

Business Issues and Ethics - Sports

Please see the attached file. I need 200 words of notes about the ethical issues in sports in general and in this case, specific. And if you can, give an example of an ethical issue situation that may have happened during the London Olympics 2012.

The Triune Brain

I am looking for ideas as to how the attached article, "The Triune Brain: Your Brain" relates to Chapter 4 of "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.

Visual Aids

Read the VA case study attached below. Please answer these 4 questions: 1. Why are visual aids so important in making presentations? 2. What role should the audience play in p

Key Elements in Online Learning

Organization, time management, and effective communication are key elements to online learning. Discuss how you can use each of these elements toward your professional career.

"A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.

What would you say the main thesis is of Chapters 2-5 of "A New Earth? How is his thesis connected to our shared human society/current events/history? 500 Words.

Communication Analysis.

Language and non-verbals are two channels we use to communicate. They can dramatically affect our listening. Think of a situation where, in communicating with another, the language or non-verbal communication interacted with listening. Perhaps a language barrier negatively affected your ability to understand a message or your

Chapter 3 of "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle

In Chapter 3 of "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle he discusses the core of the ego and how the ego's strategies of complaining and seeking drama are separate from who you really are. From an analytical standpoint, what is he saying exactly and which passage seems the most relevant and profound to sum up his message in this cha

Language Problems and Miscommunication

BACKGROUND: Please read the following article "Language matters" below: 1. Stereotypes are attributions that cover up individual difference and ascribing certain characteristics to an entire group of people. ? What are the problems with this? A person might cancel a trip to New York City when she learns that "those New Yo

Common Listening Errors

Common Listening Errors: 1. Pseudo-listening — nonverbal and verbal cues that you are listening but you really are not. HOW DO YOU MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU'RE LISTENING WHEN YOU'RE NOT? Say "uh huh," nod, smile, or use other encouraging words like "really." 2. Stage-hogging — when one person turns a conversati

Blindside anaylsis

I am trying find some of the epic forms that this movie contains if any, and how they are utilized to define the main character.

Ineffective Communication Styles

I'm working with this scenario: A team member submits his/her part of a paper and it is very poorly done. I need to explain at least 3 obstacles that threaten the effectiveness of the group with ineffective communication styles, processes, and roles. I am having trouble making sense of this and putting it together.

Values and Ethics

Please see the movie link below and respond: Identify a focused subject or theme. The movies provide numerous examples of values and ethics being used or violated by the characters in the movie. Below you will see a list of values and anti-values that can be used as the basis for analyzing elements of the movie or movie chara

Human communication and perception

PERCEPTION CHECKING -Read each situation below and think about the various perceptions of the event. -Create a three-part perception check that would help you discern whether your perceptions are accurate. Write it as you would actually say it to the other person. -Be sure to include: a. a description of the behavior,

Communication failure resulting in a negative outcome

A paper in which you describe your perception of the nature of the relationship, the communication failure, and the resulting negative outcome. Include detailed answers to the following questions: ? What communication barriers existed in this situation? ? How did the listening habits of both parties negatively affect the i

Technology Etiquette Speech

I need help with a speech for "technology etiquette" for my speech class. I think I want to do one about cell phone use while eating out or eating with other people. I'd like it to be somewhat funny, but to include some serious talking points as well. I need at least 3-4 good points to help get the ball rolling.

Communication process

Looking for 750-1000 words with an introduction and conclusion. A: Describe the fundamentals of your communication process. Briefly discuss and provide examples of the components, principles, and contexts of how you use messages to generate meaning. B: Describe a personal situation in which a message was perceived differe