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    Issue of negotiation and the online job interview

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    Negotiators are those who are willing to showcase their position to their best advantage. If we're deciding to hire a person who has great credentials but who doesn't negotiate for the position, as opposed to the person who negotiates and casts himself in the best light, the negotiator has an advantage.

    Now, negotiating cannot turn a zero into a hero all by itself. While there are some pretty slick folks out there who could sell ice to the Eskimos (as the old saying goes), most folks tend to see through such tactics. You may have heard that some one is "all sizzle and no steak" or "all smoke and no fire."

    If there isn't a record of achievement to negotiate ABOUT, it's difficult to represent yourself in a hiring interview as something more or better than you are. On the other hand, if you do have some good qualifications, good negotiation skills help to make you stand out.

    Many folks are talking about adding "extra" things into a negotiation, such as discounts or free services in a business-related negotiation, in order to sweeten the deal and make the customer choose one service provider over another.

    What happens when the parties who come to the negotiation are equally interested in the outcome? In other words, think less about hiring a person, buying goods or service, and getting a bigger salary. Now start thinking about a negotiation where two companies want to merge, or where rival departments in your company are competing for finite budget resources.

    How does a negotiation change when the parties involved are equals? Like when an interview takes place over the phone or online, where some of the social cues get "leveled out"?

    Ideally, employee evaluations should be used objectively and only state the facts. Unfortunately, however, employee evaluations can be used unethically, so documentation in these types of interviews is invaluable for both the employee and the employer.

    What are some causes of communication anxiety in these types of interviews?

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    There can be a number of causes of communication anxiety in these types of interviews. First, some people may be good negotiators and have all the qualifications required; however, when being evaluated for a position based on question and response in a written form, they may not have the written skills to express their desires, their purpose, their qualifications. This can cause the person who is being evaluated to become overly anxious and may not be able to express their views in a manner which ...

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    The issues of negotiation and the online job interviews are examined. How negotiation changes the parties are examined.