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    Job Interview Questions

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    It is important that only questions pertinent to the job be asked in an interview. Construct several interview questions using the behavioral interviewing model and post them to the Discussion Board. Discuss the legality and appropriateness of questions. Reword questions as necessary to obtain as much information as possible so a good hiring decision can be made.

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    Here are several questions that could be used in a job interview (using the behavioral interviewing model).

    1. Please tell me your greatest strength and give an example of when you have used this strength in a workplace. (There should be no legal issues with this question. It is quite appropriate and would indicate what makes this candidate unique from the other candidates as well as how they have behaved in past work environments).

    2. Please tell me your greatest weakness and give an example of when you have had to make accommodations due to this weakness in the workplace. (There should be no legal issues with this question unless the candidates indicates that their weakness is related to a personal issue such as a ...

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    This solution gives 6 behavioral based job interview questions meant to demonstrate how a potential employee acts in certain situaitons