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Career Development Interview

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Interview a relative or friend regarding their current development. The interview should:
1. Identify the current career development stage this person is in.
2. Identify a special career management challenge this person is facing.
3. Discuss how their current employer is helping them deal with this career management challenge.
4. Evaluate the employer's response to the career management issue.
5. Suggest how the company might better help him or her deal with the issu

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Interview candidate: Airline Customer Service Representative (on-site at a large, metropolitan airport)

1. The candidate has been in the position for five years. Her current career development stage is considered mid-point in this job classification's salary scale and she is interested in pursuing a management role. The Customer Service Representatives report to a Shift Supervisor (as the airlines operates at the airport 24/7, there are several supervisors assigned to each airport). The Shift Supervisor is responsible for scheduling Customer Service Representatives, evaluating performance, investigating customer complaints and determining discipline if warranted, ...

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This solution is over 400 words and provides a career development interview, which addresses five questions, such as what stage an employee is in, what challenges they face in career development, how the employer can help them overcome the challenges and suggestions for success. The solution is provided from the perspective of an airlines customer service representative whom wants to pursue career development into a supervisory role.

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Business Management and Leadership: Defining the Manager

You work in the Human Resources department of your organization. You have been charged with recruiting a manager for a department within the Services division. The Vice-President of the Services division stresses to you that "This department hasn't had a good manager in years. I need someone who can take charge, organize things, and get people motivated and working again."

Based on her comments/expectations and your knowledge of management functions, behaviors and skills, draft the following:

1. A list of five to ten questions that you will use during the interview process that go beyond the information you can gain from the candidate's application or resume. These should give you insight into why the candidate can fulfill the requirements outlined by the HR manager.

2. A description of the types of characteristics and experience that you will look for in the candidate. Be specific, include the various management functions and roles that this individual must have experience with as well as the skills they must possess to be effective.

I need help with this task. I need ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

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