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    Managerial Communication

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    I am looking for some assistance with the following:

    In July 2008, a Florida laundry services company agreed to pay $80,000 and furnish other remedial relief to settle an EEOC discrimination lawsuit. The EEOC had charged that a Black Haitian laundry worker at Sodexho Laundry Services, Inc. lost her job because of her race, national origin and pregnancy. The employee had developed complications early in her pregnancy, obtained a light duty assignment, but was not permitted to continue her light duty assignment after her doctor imposed lifting restrictions even though Hispanic managers routinely assigned pregnant Hispanic women to light duty work at the same time she was being denied the same opportunity. EEOC v. Sodexho Laundry Services, Inc. (S.D. Fla. settled July 2008).

    Address the role of the manager as a communicator in a rapidly diversifying work environment. Analyze the specific diversity issues involved in the EEOC case. Outline managerial communication strategies to address prejudgment, discrimination, and stereotyping

    Convey the managerial responsibilities to the new recruits regarding organizational values. Focusing on communication issues, supply suggestions for how, as managers, they may establish an interculturally sensitive organizational climate

    If I can get a few hundred words to start with, I can find my lead and expand into the completion of this assignment.

    Thank you!

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    A manager's role in communication is to understand the cultural differences of employees within the organization and to ensure employees also understand cultural differences. Cultures tend to clash as a result of the lack of sensitivity to various cultures, especially in terms of an individuals belief system or individual expression. I've worked in organizations who embraced diversity and a few who didn't. At one organization we celebrated the major holidays and decorated the office to embrace various cultures. One organization on the other hand failed to embrace cultural differences. For instance, I worked at a physician's office several years ago. During my first day I became acquainted with office staff including the physician. As the employees became comfortable getting to know me, a few of them began blaspheming the name of the Lord. I expressed my issues in a polite way, not condemning them for their language but making them aware that I was uncomfortable with that term and found it offensive. The physician muttered to the other staff members "No one's going to tell me how to talk; I use that term all the time and will continue to use it!" she exclaimed. The next day I was fired. Keep in mind I didn't tell her how to speak I merely shared my beliefs and she became offended. Diversity does not only pertain to ethnicity, it also pertains to religion, sexual orientation, etc. The physician took on the role as office manager as well; therefore, she should have been the one to embrace cultural ...

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    The expert examines managerial communication for organizational climates. The responsibilities to the new recruits regarding organizational values are determined.