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    "The Art of Disappearing" and "You Could Tumble Any Second"

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    I recently read this poem and absolutely love it and can see how it would relate to most of our lives in some sense. However, I would like another opinion as to what the meanings of each stanza are with regard to reflection on life, lessons to be learned, etc. Her ideas seem so basic, yet I think I'm missing the deeper meaning.

    Also, with regard to the essay, "You Could Tumble Any Second" by Roger Housden (from the book "Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime), in which he discusses the poem and his ideas, I'd like to know your thoughts on the accuracy of his ideas or how else could we look at the poem.

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    In the first place, I strongly interpret "The Art of Disappearing" as highly indicative of our various roles assumed in life and feel that it strongly reiterates themes of identity and how to be happy within oneself and present time. I also feel like it and Roger Houseden's piece also suggests that we need to cherish life and perserve.

    In the first stanza, "When they say Don't I know you?
    say no.," she seems to suggest that we should retain a fine balance between personal and public personas. Again, she seems to advocate this detachment from social ...

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