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    Federal support for art

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    In the past twenty five years or so, many states have passed legislation that mandates that 1 percent of any publicly funded building or renovation project that budgets at more than $100,000 must be set aside to buy art for the construction project. The project might be a new courthouse, or a stretch of highway, or a new wing at a research hospital, or the city's new water filtration plant, or a building at a public university, for example. (NOTE: "Publicly funded" means that government funds / tax money finances the construction project).

    Why do such a program of public art came into existence? A historical examination occurs.

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    Federal support for art as a means of providing artists with a livlihood during time of great economic woes. Today, this trend continues for several reasons. The first is the obvious reason - to make public spaces and buildings more appealing. The second is more practical - to support ...

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    Federal support for art is historically traced. Why the programs of public art came into existence is determined. A historical examination is provided.