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    Support of art in small communities

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    How are the arts in your community supported by various agencies and citizens?
    Do you think there is enough or not enough support of the fine arts by these entities?
    Why or why not?

    What is your role in the creation and support of art in your community?

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    The first point I'd like to make, which you might not have realized, is that fine arts includes not only the visual arts that you will see displayed in a museum, but also performing arts such as drama, dance and other theatrical arts, and also music, both vocal and instrumental. Even if your small community does not have a visual arts museum, I'll bet there are musical recitals, concerts (even if they might have a religious focus), and plays - even those put on by and for children. If there are clubs in your community that encourage fine crafts, such as a ladies' quilting group, or any other group ...

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