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    Textbook choice's effect on curriculum and assessments

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    How does the selection of textbooks and publisher affect or not affect the curriculum development process? Give an example.

    What assessment methods do you use to determine your students' growth? Why have you chosen these methods?

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    Your posting makes no mention of the formatting protocol that you are expected to use for this assignment. APA and MLA require varying word choices, and different formats for citing any outside references that you might use to support your reasoning. Since none was specified, I will assume that formatting does not apply, and that this is a persuasive essay using your own knowledge and experience, and requiring no outside resources.

    Selecting a textbook for a proposed course does affect the curriculum development process rather significantly. A textbook organizes the curriculum content that it contains according to the author's ideas regarding what is important, and what is ancillary (or nice to know, but not vital). The author's views and the teacher's views (or whomever is designing the course) may not coincide. This would make some textbooks poor choices to support the curriculum that is planned for the course to cover, and the sequencing of that curriculum delivery. ...

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    A discussion of how textbook choice affects curriculum planning and sequence, and assessments is determined.