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    Anthropology in Brazil

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    These questions are discussed:

    1. The Brazilian developers wished ot build a dam that would force Kayapo out of their lands. International recognition of the work of Altamira protesting the dam won international attention. Taking position, regarding the rights of the indigenous people to preserve their way of life over the rights of those greater world to have access how would you support the takeover or opposition to it?

    2. Critical thinking by visiting museums on the Internet (www.si.edu/museums) how would you incorporate these questions such as what is it; what contexutual explanation, was the object intended as work or art, in your opinion, it is or not.

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    1. First, I personally oppose the Brazilian developers who wished to build a dam that would force the Kayapo from their lands. As a result, I am definitely a supporter of the anti-dam movement for many reasons, mainly to preserve the culture and way of life for the indigenous people. I also support the overall preservation of the natural land and environment.

    Besides the obvious cultural impacts, I also oppose the dams because they will likely harm the environment by flooding large parts of the land. Because the Brazilian government seemed to exclude the native communities from the decision process, I also oppose the project.

    Please note that I support the Altamira protest against the ...

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