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    Anthropology, ethnography and ethnology defined & explained

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    Define in your own words Anthropology and ethnography and ethnology. Imagine you are a cultural anthropologist studying any culture that you are interested in. Which approach would you use in your study and why? What methods would you use to gather your data?

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    Anthropology is a field of study in the social sciences that explores the origins of humanity. Its focus then is broad as it looks into biological, physical and social origins. This means that while anthropologists look into the genetic and biological beginnings of man (physical anthropology), other subfields include cultural anthropology (the study of cultural variety across human societies), archaeology (the study of human society using artifacts and material evidence) and anthropological linguistics (the study of how language influenced the creation of human societies and the way life is conducted). Most of us, when we think of anthropology we only focus on the cultural subfield, but really anthropology is a broad social science that includes biological, linguistic and prehistorical origins of man. Biological anthropology for example studies the biological variations among human beings, specifically the ...

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