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    Forensic Anthropology: Definition, Fields

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    Delineate the major fields of anthropology as well as their sub-fields. interest is forensic anthropology. Based on what you've learned about the four major fields thus far, which sub-discipline do you find most interesting and why?

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    Forensic Anthropology

    According to the San Francisco University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (2016), "Forensic anthropology is the application of anthropology to criminal investigations. It incorporates concepts and methods from biological anthropology (the study of the physical aspects of humanity).Identifying unknown individuals is a key part of forensic anthropology. Anthropologists assist in identifications primarily by constructing a biological profile. This includes estimating age, sex, stature, and ancestry, as well as identifying specific characteristics, like diseases or injuries. In addition to helping identify human remains, the anthropologist analyzes injuries that happened around the time of a person's death, which can help determine how a person died." The notion of forensic in this field thus is that this is applied with a view to aid the justice system, most notably in a court of law ('forensis' - the Latin word referring to standing before or giving evidence in a forum).

    According to O'Neil (2009), there are 4 main ...

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