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Preventing Terrorism Measures

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In a Western democracy that prizes civil rights, what are some of the measures that governments can take to deter, detect, and prevent terrorists organized in small groups, bunch of guys (BOG) groups, cellular organizations, or as lone wolf operators? Provide three examples of measures that the government could employ. Why did you choose these examples?

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Step 1
The first step the government can take to deter, detect, and prevent terrorists organized in small groups/bunch of guys/cellular organizations/lone wolf operators is that the Federal Government should support and empower American communities and their local partners in their grassroots efforts to prevent violent extremism. This method means improving support to communities, sharing more information about threats, improving cooperation with local law enforcement, and helping the communities to better understand and protect themselves. I have chosen this method because it addresses the causes of terrorism and prevents the formation of small groups/bunch of ...

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