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    Inductive or Deductive Writing

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    Choose to write about AN ORIGINAL topic in a short 5 paragraph response (300-450 words).

    These are sample topics only so please feel free to use your own ideas. Answers previously used in other classes are not to be used.

    1. We should eliminate personal income tax in the United States.
    2. The internet should be free.
    3. Voter fraud is a serious problem.
    4. The Magic 8ball toy can accurately predict the future.

    If you choose the first or second topic, you will probably find your argument takes an inductive form, and your writing will need to follow an inductive format, building from specific evidence toward the generalization that you may have taken as the topic. This doesn't mean that you save your thesis for the end. Note that the essay based on inductive reasoning by Matthew Miller states its conclusion in the title "Cast Men Out of the Polling Places" and in the first paragraph.

    For topics three and four, you will work deductively, starting with the generalization. Try to prove it with specific evidence.

    For this response, you are to either affirm or oppose the topic statement; and as you write, you will present the information in what may turn out to be similar to a five-paragraph essay format. You will need an introduction and a conclusion as well as three body paragraphs. At the end of your response, be sure to provide a reference list, containing all the information about your sources that APA style requires.

    As you write this short answer, remember to go through all parts of the writing process. In the planning stage, think about whom your audience is and how you should approach them and how you can present a clearly defined topic and a body of succinct, convincing information gleaned from your personal experiences and your sources.

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    Young People and Hope for the Future: Service Learning Benefits

    When students graduate from high school, they often do not know what to do with their lives. Many, bored with school and homework, choose to go into the workforce. Some of them choose to go to college, for which they may not be ready, while others may go into the military. Too often young people are disenchanted by all three of these choices because they lack the maturity to make decisions that will give them a sense of purpose. Every young person between the ages of 18 and 25 should be required to do a two-year mandatory or compulsory service component that may or may not include a military obligation; the requirement will give young people life experiences and help them make decisions about their futures.

    Mandatory ...

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    An example of how to write about an original topic in a 5 paragraph essay. Look closely as how the essay is structured and how it meets the criteria set forth in the "Long Description" -- do not plagiarize the essay. Your professor will be able to find it through Google. But use the essay to understand how it meets the criteria for the assignment.