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    Catering to a Specific Audience

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    When you write effectively and persuasively about any topic, why is it necessary to know for whom you are writing, to be able to clearly define the terms you use, and to be able to back up your points with a body of credible information? Assume that you might be asked to write something of this nature for your future job. What hypothetical topic might you be asked to address? For whom would you write, and what position would you take?

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    It is important that a writer knows who his or her audience is because the audience dictates the language and the voice. Every audience requires the appropriate level of diction. For example, one would not find the same language in a publication like Atlantic Monthly or Reader's Digest. Both these examples of audience require some research. A writer must try to imagine a target audience. To know what the audience will be, a writer has to ask some questions. How old is the audience; what gender is the audience; ...

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    This example is designed to demonstrate a strategy for addressing a specific audience. After reading the explanation, the student should have a good understanding of why thinking about audience is important.