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Publicity for Product Promotion

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A new product (you pick the product) will launch shortly; now its time for you to create a powerful publicity event to support the product's launch. Publicity can take many forms, so let's see what you've got in your bag of tricks (not a big-scale plan, a few tactical activities). Please share with the class your ideas for an effective product promotion.

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We will be launching wine. Our wine will be catering to the connoisseurs and will be of premium quality. Ours is a product of numerous customer interactions and market research with our target segment. Target audience:

? Business owners or Adults 35+ with an average household income of 100K +.
? Male and female adults (not necessarily over 21 as the legal drinking age in other countries may not be the same as the US)
? Middle to upper class (as wine drinking is seen as more of a status drink than a "party" drink)
? Current wine drinkers and those with wine making/tasting interests (i.e. subscribers to wine connoisseur type publications)
? Business owners (party store owners, catering/banquet halls, etc.)

On the basis of demographic criteria's, we will segment our target market on the basis of income and education levels. Since we will be catering to mostly upper and upper middle class for our wines, the people in the higher income brackets will be our target markets. Further, since most of the wine drinkers are a status quo, we will focus on educated individuals.

Another important segmentation criteria will be psychographic criteria's like interests. People who are highly interested in wine tasting activities and consume wine on a regular basis due to their lifestyle or habits will also be our key target ...

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This solution picks the product of wine and it identifies the target audience, publicity event to launch the product, objectives, proper media vehicle, and advertising message. References used are included.

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