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Discuss how you would go about promoting a cause through a presentation

Choose a cause for which you are concerned or passionate, such as recycling, a soup kitchen, or proper hand washing. Discuss how you would go about promoting your cause through a presentation.

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The first thing that you will need in order to develop and deliver a complete presentation is a cause. What do you have concern or passion for? It is helping the homeless? Perhaps developing more sports or music programs in the public school system? Once you focus on what the presentation will be about, you can then begin to develop a clear and concise message that you want to present to your viewers about your cause.

The presentation itself will relay this clear and concise message by displaying material in such a way that your viewers will learn about your cause and become passionate to join forces with you. You will begin with an introduction to your subject delivered in a way that your viewers will clearly understand what your presentation is about. This should also be as interestingly as possible. Keeping in mind what ...

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The following posting discusses how you would promote a cause through a presentation.