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    Multimedia Presentation- Draft

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    Write a short description of a potential multimedia presentation that could be implemented across the WWW for a particular subject of interest to you. The choice is yours and it can be from anywhere in the world. Later, you will be expected to demonstrate your skills through a series of simple exercises, (please note we do not expect you to be fully conversant with such things as server side scripts, PHP ,ASP etc.), therefore do not make it too restrictive. The description should be about a page and is not the final design document. I've found it best to avoid controversial or political subjects.

    You should consider and discuss what types of tools you would need to do the work.

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    I would like to develop a multimedia presentation for the promotion of University. This promotional multimedia would include a brief outline of the various courses offered by the University, fee structure, facilities offered for the students, accreditation of University, future plans as well as career prospects for the students.

    I believe this promotional presentation would be a useful option for the students to go through, while they are browsing through the University web site. This would especially be useful for prospective students, who are searching for new information.

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    This is a draft of a web based multimedia presentation on a topic, which in this case is based on an University Introduction for prospective students.