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    Research in hypermedia

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    Need help finding research for my project and help to fix my outline.

    1) History of Hypermedia
    - The founder
    - Why it was created
    - How to use it
    2) The use of hypermedia in schools
    - How are done
    3) The positive influence of using hypermedia for teaching history or business
    - Research for positive
    4) The problems of using hypermedia
    - research against it
    5) Websites showing examples of multimedia and hypermedia work for history
    - Example 1
    - Exampe 2
    - Ect..

    6) ........

    Research on hypermedia application in a content specific area.
    Find several research articles, papers, presentations, online materials etc that is related to the use/application of hypermedia in the content area of your interest. Your research has to be thorough and exhaustive something that you would do to write a literature review for a dissertation topic.
    Based on your research, you will then create a hypermedia game or presentation focusing on use of hypermedia as knowledge presentation tool. All the information that you have found via your intense research will then be presented in the form of hypermedia. We will use the software "PowerPoint" to present your research.

    Please see attached file.

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    Hypermedia is a term created by Ted Nelson, and used in his 1965 article Complex information processing: a file structure for the complex, the changing and the indeterminate. It is used as a logical extension of the term hypertext, in which graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks intertwine to create a generally non-linear medium of information. This contrasts with the broader term multimedia, which may be used to describe non-interactive linear presentations as well as hypermedia.

    ? Multimedia is the integration of media such as text, graphics, animation, sound, and video.
    ? Hypertext is a nonsequential, nonlinear method for displaying text and has the following features:
    o nodes or chunks of information
    o links between nodes
    o organizational structure that describes network of ideas
    o dynamic user control
    o multi-user access
    ? Hypermedia is the union of multimedia and hypertext.

    The World Wide Web is a classic example of hypermedia, whereas ...