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    From pictures to fine art - photography

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    Identify key cultural time periods from the 1920s to the present. Include photographs representing photojournalism, portraiture, and fine art for each of these time periods. Select photographs not included in your text. Include the following in your presentation:

    An explanation of how each photograph represents each type of art: photojournalism, portraiture, and fine art
    How these styles illustrate a transition from photojournalism to fine art
    A definition of fine art and what makes a photograph fine art
    Why each photograph is culturally significant

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    To approach solving this assignment, I suggest that you search for photographic images on the Internet, using whatever search engine you prefer (Bing, Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, whatever) and put in such search phrases as photography images, famous photographic images or iconographic photography images. See what hits you get.

    Remember you are looking to assemble a series of images ranging from photojournalism to portraiture to fine art. Photojournalism is images which are primarily intended to illustrate news events, or to make a political statement. Portraiture is images which are intended to show a person or thing. Fine art is images which encompass a great, broad range of purposes, from political, to portrait, to personal messages and statements from the artist, of whatever sort they desire to communicate. Some images might belong to more than one category, and these will show the blending of purposes from one genre to another in the flow of photos you select to illustrate each of the three genres you were given. Others will be clearly one sort or another, and define the genre to which they belong. You will need to locate images of each of the three sorts, and some that blend the genres to show movement from one style to another. For instance: there are some photographers who captured portraits of depression-era people. These are portraits,clearly, but they also have a political, photojournalistic slant as well, and many of these are now displayed as fine art. These images show the blending, from when they were ...

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    A powerpoint presentation designed to show how photography progressed through portraits to photojournalism to fine art, from the 1920s to the modern day. A sample beginning presentation is included to begin with, and several good Web site URLs are recommended. Instructions are included to complete the presentation.