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    Definition and Examples of Art

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    On the internet, look up and list more than one definition of the word "art." You can use online reference sources such as:


    Then, search the internet and find one example of each of the following types of art. Submit the URL for each example, a description of the art and an explanation of why this example fits the definition(s) of the word "art."

    Conceptual Art
    Installation Art
    Performance Art

    Start with an introductory paragraph where you discuss, and properly quote the two (or more) definitions for art. Make sure to learn how to quote and cite properly, and do it correctly here. Next, list eight web sites, or images, which are your examples of the form of art. Write a short (but solid) paragraph for each where you ''justify'' the art form as "art". How does the form of art fit into your definitions for art? Which aspects of the definition apply to the example you chose? Why do we consider this to be art? Describe it in your own words. I do not mind if you go over 1 page on this assignment.

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    This material is taken from http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761556523/Art.html" Art, the product of creative human activity in which materials are shaped or selected to convey an idea, emotion, or visually interesting form. The word art can refer to the visual arts, including painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, decorative arts, crafts, and other visual works that combine materials or forms. We also use the word art in a more general sense to encompass other forms of creative activity, such as dance, drama, and music, or even to describe skill in almost any activity, such as "the art of bread making" or "the art of travel." http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761556523/Art.html

    This material is taken from wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn" the products of human creativity; works of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a fine collection of art"
    the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to ...

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