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Photography in the 1800's

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I am preparing an essay (will be 6 pages) and need some assistance developing an outline and selecting 3-4 works art / photography to use for the essay.

I may need additional feedback and tutoring as I write the essay itself, but I will post that as a different question for more credits if anyone is willing to assist.

TOPIC: Discuss how new influences play a role in the art of the late nineteenth century. Discuss the impact of the advent of photography on artists of this time. Use specific works to illustrate your perspective.

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Late 1800s influences on art / Impact of photography
First, the late 1800's was a very busy time in human history and there was a lot going on that was radically changing the ""traditional"' way that people had lived in previous generations. Remember that this was the time of the Industrial Revolution, when many people had abandoned their farming lives and had moved to urban areas where there was work to be had in the factories, or in supporting the people who were living in the city and working now, instead of our in the countryside, as they used to. This had huge implications on ordinary living, as the landscape changed from rural to urban, and as people (individuals, governments and societies in general) encountered very different issues than those they had known before. Many of these issues became huge problems before they were addressed, and many of these issues modern societies are still grappling with today. PLUS, this time in history was a huge exploration time, as parts of the globe were "discovered" for the first time, and new cultures and peoples were encountered by Europeans (and Americans). These societal changes affected and impacted the art of the period, including photography.
Remember, as well, that there were several significant confrontations (both internal and external ones) that occurred in several countries around that time - or at least, in people's living memories - that also influenced great social and political change. America's revolution in the late 1700's impacted and influenced France's revolution that came later, and then, of course, in the ...

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What influenced photography in the 1800's? Was photography art at that time? What social, political and technological changes occurred that impacted photography? Web-based resources for information and images, with a sample paper outline and sample thesis statement.