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    Punctuating Quotations Correctly

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    I need help to ensure that the quotations in the following sentences are correct. Thanks for your help.

    Sara asked, "What did the music of ancient Greece sound like?"

    "Nobody really knows," said Ms. Walter.

    Lacey said, "I like the new music from African musicians."

    Lacey, Ms. Walter asked, "Where can I hear new music from Africa?"

    "You can hear it on the radio," said Lacey. "It's on a program called World Music Today."

    "Your great-grandfather was born in Ireland, " Nana said. I said, "Wow, I never knew that!"

    "His parents, Nana said, owned a small store where all the family worked."

    "Didn't my great-grandfather want to work in the store," I asked.

    "There were, Nana explained, already two older sisters working in the store, and there would not be enough work for him." I asked, "What did he do?"

    "He had read so much about America that he decided he wanted to see it for himself," Nana said." "The next time you visit, I'll tell you about his first job in New York City."

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    Looks like you've got almost all of your quotations right, but I think you should pay more attention to the last four sentences in the text and to one slightly tricky situation in the fourth sentence of the text.

    One of the important rules about the use of quotation marks is when you have to deal with what is called an "attribution of speech", i.e., that part of the text which does not properly belong to the reported speech (to be used within quotation marks), but is rather a comment on the part of the reporter which indicates the source of the reported sentence. For instance: "I don't know how many more miles we've still got to go," my father said, "but we can't be too far from home." In this case, the reported speech is "I don't know how many more miles we've still got to go,"[...] "but we can't be too far ...

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