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MLA Citing With No Author Or Place Of Publication

How to use MLA documentation correctly on a works cited page, and how to cite pamphlets w/ no author, or place of publication?

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You need assistance in creating a properly formatted MLA Works Cited page. Specifically, you need information regarding the correct method to cite pamphlets written by an unknown author and/or pamphlets whose place of publication is unknown.

Response from OTA Shawn Fagundes-Hansen:

The documentation and formatting guidelines created by the Modern Language Association (MLA) are one of several sets of rules that govern the presentation of work and acknowledgment of sources. The purpose of ALL style and documentation guides is to create a means by which a READER can obtain ADDITIONAL information on subject matter discussed in the work before him/her. With this relationship in mind, the GENERAL RULE for citing sources is to PROVIDE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE. WHEN FACED WITH ONLY ...

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The expert determines how to use MLA documentation correctly on a works cited page. MLA citations in a pamphlet with no author is found.